Print Design Campaign
Local Product of Colorado  /  Recreational Dispensary  /  Denver, Colorado 

This print advertisement campaign I designed consisted of up to six print advertisements that ran across 6 months in "Culture" magazine. The main design challenge was designing a set of advertisements that speak to the cannabis culture in a responsible, mature way.
The goal(s) of the campaign were to build dispensary location awareness and increase foot traffic to the location. 
The target audience consisted of individuals who consume recreational cannabis on a semi regular basis with music and the outdoors being primary areas of interest.
The Solution:
I approached the designs from the individual's point-of-view. Each image I chose reflected the cannabis culture, but also the individual's point of view experiencing the surroundings within the image itself. In the cannabis culture, it is all about the experience. I wrote the taglines for all advertisements to support the chosen imagery and set the tone for the advertisement. In addition, I designed sets of coupons along the very bottom and recommended including the tagline "Show this ad to redeem these offers" to support location foot traffic.
The Results:
The ad campaign was highly successful in spreading dispensary location awareness and boosting foot traffic to the location by 50%.

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